Revision surgery can help those who previously had a bariatric procedure but did not lose weight as quickly as expected or who have regained weight.

Although bariatric surgery has proven to help patients lose weight, complications following the procedure can prevent its success. Revision surgery can alter or repair the damage caused by a lapse in dietary or exercise regimes or problems from the surgery itself.

Because bariatric surgery reduces the size of your stomach, excessive weight gain can be unsafe. The stomach pouch or enlarged stomach outlet could stretch, causing discomfort or harm to the body. When this happens, surgeons may recommend revision surgery to either:

  • Correct the original bariatric procedure, or
  • Convert the existing surgery to another form of bariatric treatment

Speak to your surgeon about your options for revision surgery. Some patients may be able to simply resume their exercise and diet routine to correct the problem. When you do need surgery, most procedures are laparoscopic and minimally invasive. Depending on the extent of scars or scarred tissue, traditional open surgery may be necessary.

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