Outpatient Care for Heart Patients

Doctors at the outpatient Heart Clinic at South Texas Health System Heart can help identify your risk of developing heart disease and treat conditions you may already have. There are eight convenient Heart Clinic locations; call the location nearest you to make an appointment to see a physician to lower your odds of developing heart disease or to get the care you may need.

Find Outpatient Cardiac Care Near You

Diagnosis, Monitoring, Treatment

Our cardiac care teams offer advanced diagnostic testing, noninvasive and invasive treatments, cardiac rehabilitation and preventive education. Noninvasive testing, such as stress tests, echocardiograms and Holter monitors can help your physician evaluate your symptoms and recommend additional testing if needed.

Congestive Heart Failure Program

The  Congestive Heart Failure Program is a joint effort between South Texas Health System Heart and the Heart Clinic. Known formally as the South Texas Advanced Cardiac Care (STACC) outpatient heart failure clinic, the program is dedicated to providing innovative, evidence-based treatment for congestive heart failure at several convenient locations in the Rio Grande Valley.

To make an appointment at any Heart Clinic location, call 956-630-5522.