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South Texas Health System Heart, McAllen, TX

South Texas Health System® Heart, one of the first freestanding cardiology and cardiovascular hospitals built in the United States, is dedicated predominantly to heart-related medical needs for patients. We provide diagnosis and treatment, emergency heart care, cardiac catheterization, heart surgery, intensive cardiac rehabilitation and education. South Texas Health System Heart is also equipped with a full-service emergency department to handle non-cardiac emergencies, as well as a bariatric surgery center and robotic surgery program.

Accredited Chest Pain Center with Primary PCI

South Texas Health System Heart has received accreditation as a Chest Pain Center with Primary PCI from the Society of Chest Pain Centers for our care and treatment for patients who present symptoms of a heart attack. The national accreditation is awarded to hospitals for their speed and efficiency in treating chest pain and heart attack symptoms. Hospitals awarded this designation have primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Door to Balloon (D2B) time is the time it takes to get a cardiac patient from the hospital entrance to artery-clearing angioplasty. At South Texas Health System Heart, we consistently strive for and achieve D2B times below the national standard. Our speed in treating heart attack patients saves lives.

Congestive Heart Failure Program

The South Texas Advanced Cardiac Care (STACC) program is a joint effort between South Texas Health System Heart and the Heart Clinic. STACC is dedicated to providing innovative, evidence-based treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF) at several convenient locations in the Rio Grande Valley. CHF patients can avoid multiple re-admissions to the hospital or emergency room through diagnostic services, one-on-one education support, regular phone calls and healthy-living advice.

Your Health. Our Purpose. 

South Texas Health System is an integrated system of care comprised of six unique facilities, six freestanding emergency departments, multiple physician practices and a broad variety of outpatient services.

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Health Equity

South Texas Health System and its 11 facilities are committed to providing superior quality healthcare for patients. We are compassionate and responsive to the needs of those in our care. Through our relentless focus on quality, we are working to change lives and transform the delivery of healthcare. It is imperative that all individuals in our served communities have access to the care they need, regardless of age, race, gender or socioeconomic status.

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Hospital Leadership

South Texas Health System Heart

Brenda Ivory
Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Meeks
Chief Nursing Officer

Carlos Guajardo
Chief Financial Officer

Purav Modi
Associate Administrator

South Texas Health System

Chuck Stark
Regional Vice President

Fabian Borrego
Regional Chief Financial Officer

Doug Matney
Vice President – Ambulatory Emergency Services


We opened on January 15, 1996 as a 60-bed specialty care facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. South Texas Health System Heart was designed to provide an excellent and efficient setting for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Our small size means faster emergency intervention, resulting in more saved heart muscle, and more saved lives.

If you need to see a physician affiliated with South Texas Health System Heart, call the South Texas Health System Reserve and Learn line at 800-879-1033.


1900 South D Street,
McAllen, TX 78503
Phone: 956-994-2000


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