Local Veteran Sings Praises of Outpatient Rehabilitation

December 01, 2016
Ricardo Garcia

Recently opened in June, McAllen Medical Center’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center is garnering attention. Ricardo Garcia, 63, is a U.S. Navy Veteran whose mobility was limited due to pain and swelling in his legs from chronic lymphedema. “The swelling started about 15 years ago, and as time went on, the color on my lower legs started to change,” says Ricardo. “My doctor told me it was due to poor circulation and put me on medication. But then my cardiologist recommended physical therapy, and I came here.”

Physical Therapist Amy Garza, DPT, MCT, says Ricardo’s condition has greatly improved since he started therapy on July 5. “His treatment included manual and compression therapy, stretching and endurance exercises for his legs,” says Amy.

During a recent visit to the Veterans Affairs, his doctor was very happy with the way Ricardo’s legs looked and wanted him to continue therapy. “I am thrilled with my treatment so far,” says Ricardo. “There has been a significant decrease in the swelling and pain, and the color is returning to normal. I was just approved for more therapy sessions, and I look forward to seeing how much my legs improve after that.”

Ricardo says Amy is an “excellent” therapist and he would definitely recommend her. He feels it is very important to have the outpatient rehabilitation in the community because people don’t have to travel very far for great care. “They take the time to explain everything, and I learn exercises I can do at home, too. They are tremendously helpful and I am so grateful,” he says.

“We are glad we can meet the needs of the community by providing a convenient location for them and helping them on the road to recovery,” says Rehabilitation Manager Reyna Torres, M.S., CCC-SLP.

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